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Publish premium video and grow your paying audience with direct-to-fan subscription memberships.

Helping video creators and independent studios earn subscription revenue and reach audiences worldwide.

Create gated content

Turn your content into profit while keeping full ownership of your brand, catalog, and audience. Monetize your video directly through monthly recurring revenue from your most loyal fans. 
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Authenticity, not advertising

Publish high-quality authentic content without the influence of advertisers or licensing contracts. Offer your paying subscribers gated access to your exclusive video, original series, and new releases.
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ffer your paying subscribers private access to your exclusive video, original series, and new releases on Special Project.Publish authentic and quality content without the influence of advertisers or exclusive licensing contracts on Special Project.

Subscription video made easy


Produce something great

Your videos can be short or long, a TV series or a documentary, entertaining or educational - most importantly, Special is a place for your best work and the audience that loves what you do.

Brand your experience

Configure your brand and catalog to make your audience feel at home. Embrace your unique brand and voice with our simple studio tools to make your content pop.

Set your price

Your premium video deserves a premium value. Set your single-tier subscription price and we will take care of the rest. Only your paying subscribers will enjoy unlimited access to your video catalog.

Publish on Special

Share your creative talents with the world. Publish your catalog on your own terms and stream independent of algorithms, advertisers, and exclusive licensing contracts.

Get paid monthly

You’ll earn monthly recurring revenue everytime a new viewer subscribes to your project. Each month, we’ll deposit your subscription earnings into your bank account, hassle free.

Grow your audience

Build your audience on Special, or bring over your existing audience. Monitor subscriber activity and retention with audience analytics so you can improve and grow.

Subscribers win, too

Viewers curate their independent streaming experience by subscribing directly to the creators and content they actually watch.
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It’s completely free to start. We charge 10% of your monthly revenue earned on Special. There is also a credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, charged by Stripe.


of the monthly revenue you earn on Special.
Plus payment processing fees

Always included, with no limits

  • Unlimited subscriber memberships
  • Unlimited HD video hosting
  • Enterprise audience analytics
  • Transparent revenue reporting
  • Inclusive data export
  • Private creator posts
  • Secure payment processing
  • Multiple staff accounts

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